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Red Star can hardly cope with the Salzburg. footballtopbets.com offer you football predictions for today! Red Star For over 20 years, Red Star can not reach the tournament groups. Last year the team did not take part in the qualifiers, but this summer started from the first round. The first hurdle to Star was Spartax Jurmala, who was overtaken with a 2-0 victory and a 0-0 draw as a guest. There were two matches against Suduva, and the Serbs removed, but with two wins and a total score of 5: 0. In the third round Star had more difficulty against the Slovakian champion Spartak Tarnava. The two matches ended 1: 1 and they ended up with a brilliant win at Tarnava, where Red Star managed to score 2-1. RB Salzburg Salzburg has dominated the Austrian scene in recent years and is once again the champion of the country. The big goal and dream, however, has not yet been achieved, namely entering the Champions League groups. The team has had a lot of experience in the Europa League, and last sea